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Easy For Keeps (Boudreaux #3.5)(9)
Author: Kristen Proby

“Why do I get the feeling that was an inside joke?”

“Because it was, but it’s a bad one,” he replies and, with his hand on the small of my back, leads me down the sidewalk. If I thought just looking at him made my stomach flip, it’s nothing compared to the reaction my body has to him touching me. Jesus, things I forgot existed are tingling. “I’m parked a couple blocks away. The alley behind the bar was blocked this morning, so I couldn’t get to my usual spot.”

“That’s okay, I’m parked this way too,” I reply, enjoying the sun on my face and the feel of his warm, strong hand on my back. I have to concentrate not to stumble, but God, I don’t want him to stop touching me.

“You look beautiful today,” he says and I whip my head up to stare into his eyes, surprised.

“Um, thanks.”

I tug my shirt back up on my shoulder. Of course it wasn’t doing this before I got here.

“It looks good down, too,” he says casually as he looks both ways at an intersection, then leads me across.

I don’t have any idea what to say to that. My flirting skills are so rusty. So instead of saying anything at all, when the shirt falls again, I leave it.

“So what’s so special about this bear?” Adam asks. He removes his hand from my back, and I immediately miss his touch.

What the hell is up with my hormones today?

“Her daddy gave it to her when she was little,” I reply simply, leaving out a whole chunk of information.

“Are you and her dad still together?” he asks.


He nods twice, and to my relief, doesn’t press me further for information. I think the whole “my husband was brutally murdered” thing would really kill the flirty mood.

Suddenly, Adam takes my arm and jerks me against him.

“Watch your step,” he says, pointing to a pile of disgusting vomit.

Talk about a mood killer.

“Ugh,” I say and turn my face into his arm. “I can handle blood, but vomit turns my stomach.”

“Seen a lot of blood, have you?”

You have no idea.

“I’ve cut my fair share of fingers on pairing knives,” I reply and smile up at him. He’s watching me with those kind green eyes, and he’s not quick to let go of me, which doesn’t hurt my ego or my feelings in the least.

If I didn’t know better, I’d say that Adam has turned the flirt up full blast.

Maybe Ashley is right. Why shouldn’t I ask Adam out? Now that Becca arrived yesterday to help me out with Hailey, I don’t have to worry about a sitter. And it’s not like I have to have a relationship with the man.

A one-night fling would do. I could be a one-night fling kind of girl. Adam’s sexy smile and flirty touches scream one-night stand.

Adam leads me to his car and opens the back door.

“Yep, there he is.”


He turns and smiles down at me. “Hailey’s bear.”

“Oh. Right.” I’m staring at his mouth, and finally, without overthinking it, I rise up on my tiptoes and press my mouth to his firmly, then pull away and gasp. “I’m so sorry.”

“Sorry?” Adam stops my hand from tugging my shirt up over my shoulder and drags his fingertip down my skin, right next to my bra strap, and every nerve ending in my body stands up on high alert. “Sweetheart, if you’re going to kiss a man, you don’t apologize after the fact.”

Before I can reply, he turns me so my back is against the car, his hands on my hips, and presses in, his face so close I can feel the heat coming off of him and smell the mint from his toothpaste. His nose nudges mine, and then his lips are working their magic. I grip his arms and revel at the hard muscles there, and everywhere, as he presses his firm body against me and devours me whole. He bites my lower lip, then moves in for more. His hands skim up my sides and cup my jaw as his tongue tangles with mine. He’s all lips and hands and hard body, and oh my God, I want him.

Right here.

Right now.

But he suddenly stops, panting hard, his forehead leaning on mine.

“Let me take you out,” he whispers. “Let me see you again.”

I can’t speak, so I nod weakly, making him smile. Without looking down, I pull my card out of my back pocket and slip it into his, silently high-fiving myself for touching his very fine ass.

“My number’s on that.”

“Okay,” he says, still whispering. Even his whisper is sexy.

I nod again, swallow hard, and when he pulls away, I clear my throat and begin walking away, toward my own car.



“You forgot something.” He’s holding the bear and sporting a very satisfied grin.

“Right.” I walk back and take the bear, but before I can turn away, he drags his knuckles down my cheek.

“I’ll see you very soon.”


I grin, and with my libido still on overdrive, walk away, acutely aware of his eyes on my ass as I leave.

Chapter Four


“Mommy, you look so pretty!” Hailey says when I hurry into the bedroom a few days later. I’m scurrying around, getting ready for my date with Adam. I’m nervous.

So, so nervous.

“Stop being nervous,” Becca, my sister-in-law, says with a laugh as she sits on my bed and watches me fidget with my hair. “You look hot. He’s going to want to”—she glances at Hailey—“do things to you.”

“Okay seriously,” I say and turn to Becca. She’s been in my life since she was just a little girl. “Is this too weird? You’re my sister-in-law and you’re helping me get ready for a date with someone who isn’t your brother.”

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