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Easy For Keeps (Boudreaux #3.5)(14)
Author: Kristen Proby

To my utter surprise, I’m getting hard again. And I’m naked, so there’s no way to hide it.

Not that I want to.

“It’s moldy,” she says, wrinkling her nose at me. “How old is the Chinese?”

“A few days?” I think back on it. “Yeah, I wouldn’t eat it.”

“So much for an after-sex snack,” she says with a chuckle and shuts the door.

“I have chips,” I reply and point to the cabinet to her left. I’m an asshole because I really just want to watch my shirt ride up and show me her ass when she reaches for them.

But I never claimed to not be an asshole, so there’s that.

“Salt and vinegar,” she says with delight. “My favorite.”

“See? I pulled through.”

“You did,” she replies and opens the bag. “In more ways than one.”

“Is that right?” I purposely don’t move to her. If I do, I’ll spin her around and fuck her against the counter.

On second thought, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

She nods and grins as she crunches happily on her chips, then takes a sip of the ice water I poured for her.

“Do you want some?”

“No thanks.” I cross my arms and watch her unabashedly. “You should unbutton the shirt.”

She raises a brow. “Is that a request?”


Both brows lift now, and she licks her lips, sets the bag aside, and slips the two buttons free, exposing her breasts, belly, and pussy.


“Now take it off.”

She grins and lets the shirt fall to the floor, pooling around her feet.

“I thought you wanted a snack,” she says and sips her water.

“I wanted to see you in my kitchen,” I reply, making her laugh.

“Do you have a kitchen fetish?”

I do now.

I don’t answer, and she saunters the few feet between us, her water still in her hand. I expect her to lean up and kiss me, but instead, she squats in front of me, takes a sip of cold water, and pulls my cock into her mouth.


She turns those big, shining eyes up to me and my semi-hard-on is immediately full and ready for her all over again.

She grips me hard and uses her mouth on me, sucking, licking, even lightly dragging her teeth along the shaft.

“Stand up.”

But she shakes her head no and keeps fucking me with her mouth. She licks down to my balls and sucks each one into her mouth, working me over with her hands, and I can’t stand it anymore. I need her. Again. Just her. No one else will do, and that’s never happened before.

If I don’t get inside her in the next three seconds, I’m going to lose it.

I grip her shoulders in my hands and lift her to her feet, then spin her and bend her over the island, my hand gripping her hair. She spreads her legs for me, and I push inside. She’s already wet and clamps around me as I ride her hard. My hips set an almost punishing rhythm, but I can’t stop.

Her feet leave the ground and wrap back around my thighs. She’s white-knuckling the countertop.

“You’re so fucking sexy,” I growl and slap her ass twice. “You make me crazy.”

“You make me crazy,” she replies and gasps when my thumb finds her tiny little asshole. “Holy shit that feels good.”

I don’t push inside her, I just tease the puckered rim as I fuck her hard, until she comes harder than before. Feeling her grip my cock with her tight pussy and watching my thumb on her little ass is just about my undoing. When I feel my own orgasm build, I pull out and spill myself on her back, regretting that I didn’t bring a condom from the bedroom.

I’ll put a whole box in a drawer.

“Stay there.” My voice is hoarse, yet gentle. I reach for a towel, wet it, and clean her up, then pull her to me and hug her close, rocking back and forth. How I can go from aggressively fucking her one second to gently holding her the next, I don’t know. This is new.

But it feels fantastic.

“I should go home,” she murmurs against my chest and plants a kiss there.

“Can you stay?” I ask, surprising the hell out of myself. I always avoid sleeping over, at all costs. It just muddies things up. But I don’t want her to go.

She tips her head back and stares up at me for a moment.

“Becca’s with Hailey, so I can just shoot her a text,” she says thoughtfully. “Unless I get called in, I don’t have to work tomorrow.”

“Perfect.” I kiss her nose. “Stay with me.”

“Why is this so easy with you?” she asks, frowning. “I thought I would be nervous, and maybe scared, and I had a minute of being a little nervous.” She grins up at me. “But I’m not. I’m just… me.”

My thoughts exactly. I’m just me.

“I’m an easy kind of guy.”

She snorts, then bites my arm. Not hard, like some girls have done in the past, making me shy away from teeth, but just enough to make me notice.

And make my cock twitch.

“You like to bite, don’t you?”

“I guess so.”

“This is new?”

She shrugs and pulls away, leading me back to the bedroom. “It seems you’re bringing out all kinds of surprising things in me tonight.”

“What are the others?”

“Five orgasms and my first blowjob in years,” she says, tossing her thick hair over her shoulder. “Oh, and I’m perfectly comfortable naked.”

“Good. Because I plan to keep you that way a lot.”

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