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Try Me (One Night with Sole Regret #1)(14)
Author: Olivia Cunning

She was completely limp by the time he moved up the bed to lie beside her. He kissed her, giving her a taste of her own cum on his lips. She suckled his tongue until she could no longer taste herself, though she could still smell her sex on his skin. She wasn’t sure why it turned her on. Why she’d never admitted that fact to anyone. Not even to herself.

“You didn’t fake that did you?”

She chuckled weakly. “I wouldn’t know how to fake that.”

He smiled. “Well, now I know one thing you like.”

“That only counted as one thing?” It had felt like ten blissful experiences in one.

“Mmm-hmm.” He trailed gentle kisses along her jaw and throat. “Let’s figure out what else you like.”

“Let me catch my breath so I can figure out what you like.”

“I’m not finished with you yet.” He slid down her body and gently licked and suckled one nipple while he squeezed and tugged on the other. He continually stimulated her left breast with harsh, rough motions of his fingers and mouth until it was reddened, sore, and aroused, while her right breast was pampered with tender touches and kisses that left it yearning, achy, and excited. And her br**sts weren’t the only parts of her body that were throbbing with need. Her pu**y was wet and swollen again already. She had no doubt that he could make her come a second time. This time she wanted him inside her when she came.

“Gabe,” she pleaded, “I want you inside me. I want to wrap my arms and legs around you as you thrust deep and grind against me.”

“We both want that, baby, but not yet. First, I want you to suck on my sac and tease my ass. Get me really worked up.”

Suck on his whozit and tease his what? “I don’t . . . know how.”

“That’s okay. I’ll tell you how I like it.”

Only fair, she supposed. He’d listened to how she liked it and hadn’t hesitated in pleasing her. He rolled onto his back, and her pu**y throbbed when she saw how hard and swollen his c**k was. She needed to hurry up and get him worked up so he would fill her with that monster. She’d never seen a c**k that big, much less had one inside her. Her vibrator would have felt inadequate in its presence.

Gabe propped a few pillows beneath his shoulders and head, lay back, and spread his legs. “Gentle,” he said. “They’re really sensitive.”

She settled between his thighs and lowered her head to draw her tongue over the seam that ran between his nuts. His entire body jerked, and he clenched the covers beneath him in tight fists. She moved her head to suckle the skin over one ball and flick it with her tongue.

“Ah,” he gasped. “I thought you said you didn’t know how. That’s perfect. I love it.”

And she loved the way he was reacting to her unpracticed motions. She moved her mouth to the other side.

“Wet, um . . . wet your finger in your mouth and . . . ”

When he didn’t continue, she lifted her head and slipped her finger into her mouth. “Do what?”

“God, you’re good,” he whispered. “Don’t stop. Wait. What was I . . . Um . . . ” He pressed the heels of his hands against his eyes. “Not sure if I can take much more. Just rub your wet finger against my ass. Don’t put it in. Just . . . rub.”

His ass? Unsettled by his request, she tentatively stroked his sensitive hole with her fingertip. He sucked in a startled breath and nearly leaped off the bed.

“Did I do it wrong?” she asked.

“No, baby. You almost made me explode. I can’t wait any longer.” He rolled off the bed and landed on his knees. He unzipped a suitcase and began searching through its contents. Clothes and toiletries went flying in all directions. “Need a condom. Where the f**k are they?”

Within seconds he’d found one, opened it, and unrolled it over his massive cock. He rejoined Melanie on the bed.

“Are you ready?” he asked.

She was tired of talking. She grabbed him by the arm, tossed him onto his back, and straddled his hips.

He grinned up at her, looking all dangerous and irresistible. Fuckable. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

Gabe grabbed his c**k in one hand and directed it into her opening. She sank down with a relieved sigh, rising and falling over him in a slow, deliberate motion. Growing accustomed to his girth. His length. Oh God, how he filled her. Again. And again. And again.

His back arched off the bed. “Faster, Mel. Faster and harder.”

When she didn’t pick up her pace, he sat up, wrapped both arms around her, and flipped her onto her back. Still buried inside her, he began to move. She got a new perspective on his stage name. There was a hell of a lot of force behind each rhythmic thrust, and that was exactly what she needed: a rigorous, hard f**k.

Melanie wrapped her arms and legs around him, mindful to not gouge his thighs with her shoes, and hung on for the ride. A pressure built inside her. Pleasure. Need. Connection. Gabe lifted his head to stare into her eyes. He slowed his strokes, grinding his hips each time he plunged deep. Stimulating her clit. Bumping against her cervix deep inside. Rubbing her front wall in just the right spot. Her pleasure became bliss. Her need, desperation.

Her mouth fell open in disbelief as bliss became euphoria. Desperation became release. She clung to Gabe, crying out in ecstasy as she came.

In the same instant, his body went taut. She watched as he let go. His breath caught in his throat. Eyes squeezed shut. Face contorted in bliss. He shuddered, pulled back one last time, and thrust deep, rocking against her as if he longed to be buried even deeper. He cried out between hard, shaky gasps before collapsing on top of her. She pulled him close, holding him securely to her chest as she kissed his temple. He murmured the sexiest little sounds of contentment as he regained his bearings.

Or maybe that was her making all those noises of delight.

“Did you fake it?” he asked.

She chuckled and gave him an affectionate squeeze. “I didn’t have to. That was amazing.”

“Are you kidding? I didn’t even last very long. I told you that you had me too worked up.”

She grinned, as if getting him excited was some sort of accomplishment that deserved a trophy.

“I wish I wasn’t so tired,” he whispered. “I want to be with you longer, but I’m afraid I need some sleep. The shows wear me out.”

“There’s always tomorrow morning,” she said, her heart thrumming. Maybe he was telling her to leave, to find her clothes and get lost.

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