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Because We Belong (Because You Are Mine #3)(3)
Author: Beth Kery

“Have I ever told you that you have the most beautiful breasts in existence?”

“Once or ten thousand times,” she replied.

“They deserve even greater praise.”

The air between her spread thighs seemed to lick at the moisture gathering there. She watched, her breath coming erratically, as he straightened. Her heart lurched in excitement when he began to unbuckle his belt. When he’d lowered the zipper, he reached into his white boxer briefs and removed his cock, releasing the long, thick, veined shaft so that the base fell against the waistband of the briefs. His penis bobbed before settling, the heavy, swollen head causing it to fall at a slightly downward angle as it protruded from his body. Her mouth watered instinctively. Her pussy became even damper. The sight of his cock had once both intimidated and aroused her. After months of making love with Ian, however, only excitement remained.

As if he knew precisely the reaction he was giving her, he stepped closer to her face and pressed his thighs against the bed. She turned her cheek against the edge of the mattress and opened her lips. He leaned closer and delved his fingers into her hair. She no longer needed him to direct her to meet his need. Not in this, she didn’t.

She strained her head, bathing his warm, rigid length with her tongue. He tightened his hold in her hair and she took the fleshy, firm crown into her mouth, her lips stretching around it, squeezing him. She gave the slit a firm polish with her tongue, making his fingers tighten in her hair, before she slid the shaft into her mouth and sucked.

“Jesus, that’s good,” she heard him say roughly from above her as he pulsed his cock in and out of her mouth. “You always seem so hungry for it . . . as hungry for me as I am for you.”

Her increased fervor was an assurance that what he said was true. After a moment, she closed her eyes and let him have control, trusting in him completely. Her attention narrowed to a concentrated channel, every sense pinpointed on him—his familiar, delicious taste and scent, the arousing texture of his cock, how his flesh became even more rigid and swollen with every thrust and draw of her clamping mouth. She loved the way his fist tightened in her hair, his unspoken demands not harsh, necessarily, but as always, unapologetically firm. Ian relished in pleasure, and she’d come to adore giving it to him without reservation.

The cream had gone into full action on her clit, making nerves sizzle and burn. The pressure of the plug in her ass added a primal, dark edge to her arousal. She was bound and couldn’t relieve the swelling ache in her, and that made her pleasuring of Ian more desperate and wild. He’d become a part of her in the past months, his pleasure her own.

Her excitement mounted as his thrusts into her mouth came faster and his cock swelled. She strove to take him deeper and succeeded, her reward his rough, slightly stunned groan of pleasure.

“No,” she protested, her voice roughened from his cock when he swung back his hips and his cock slid out of her mouth with a wet sucking sound. His cock was like a drug; his pleasure addictive to her. He loosened his grip on her hair, his fingertips lightly massaging her scalp before he backed away.

“Yes,” he said simply, and she didn’t argue. She wasn’t surprised. He occasionally spent himself quickly, taking her in a greedy rush that she loved because it betrayed the depths of the desire of a man whose self-control was legend. Typically, however, he drew things out, drowning her in pleasure and excitement, making their need mount to unbearable levels, building the fire so that when climax came, it was explosive. This evening, she sensed his need to hold on to her for as long as he could, to mingle their essences and prolong the sharp intimacy.

She swallowed thickly when she saw him pick up a red rubber vibrator from the bed. It was new, one he’d never used on her before. The rubber was shaped into an oval loop at the tip, its circumference about the size of a penny. She saw his thumb move, and the tool began to vibrate almost silently. He held her stare as he pressed the rigid, pulsing ring against her mouth, both soothing and exciting the sensitive flesh. Her lips felt feverish and swollen from his earlier strident thrusting between them. She willingly opened them as he moved the vibrator, his actions striking her as more intimate and arousing than she would have expected. She moaned softly as he pressed the vibrator deeper, sliding it against the moist flesh just inside her mouth. Her vagina tightened as she stared up at him in helpless arousal and granted him full, undeniable right over her body.

“So beautiful,” he murmured, and she knew he’d seen her submission as clearly as he’d seen her face. “I could look at you forever when you’re giving yourself to me.”

He removed the vibrator from her damp lips and caressed her cheek tenderly. She turned her face into his palm and kissed the center of it. He made a rough sound in his throat and removed his hand. He once again pushed one of her knees toward the other one, exposing her naked breast, using the wand of the vibrator to stimulate the curving flesh. She bit her lip, trapping her soft cry when he inserted a taut nipple into the vibrating loop and pressed softly.

“Feel good?” he murmured, his gaze returning to her face.

“Yes,” she whispered.

And it did. Her nipple was surrounded by the pulsing loop. The mysterious pathway of nerves connecting her nipples to her clit flared to life. She twisted her head on the mattress and moaned, her need growing sharp and untenable.

“Shhh,” Ian soothed gently.

She cried out when he parted her labia matter-of-factly and encircled her clit with the vibrating loop. Her cry segued to a groan of ecstatic misery when he turned up the power on the vibrator. She closed her eyes and shuddered at the intense, concise stimulation, her hips twisting on the bed. He placed his hands on the coil of rope at her calf and kept her in place. She had no choice but to accept the distilled pleasure full on.

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