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One King's Way (On Dublin Street #6.5)(10)
Author: Samantha Young

A lull eventually arrived, so he could get back to Rain, and when he did he discovered she’d ordered a number of shots from one of his colleagues. It was daft, but he was annoyed she couldn’t wait for him to return to her before ordering.

“Moving on to something stronger?” He gestured to her empty shot glasses.

Her mouth twisted into a surprisingly adorable moue.

He leaned over the bar, locking onto her eyes with his. “Am I really that annoying?”

She sighed heavily. “No. It’s not you.” She groaned and leaned her head in her hands. “I shouldn’t have had those shots. I’m a lightweight.”

“Your break time, mate.” Alistair slapped him on his shoulder as he passed.

Craig nodded. “Right.” He walked to the end of the bar, lifted the latch and stepped out onto the club floor. He moved through the crowded bar area and pushed his way to where Rain sat. There were a number of guys who’d eyed her up over the course of the night, but for whatever reason none had approached. The guy standing next to her looked like he was getting ready to try his luck. Craig gave him a look that persuaded him otherwise, and then he gently rested his hands on Rain’s slender hips.

She jumped in surprise and tilted her head back. “How did you get back there?”

He grinned at her confusion. “Magic. Come on.” He tugged on her gently and to his surprise she willingly slipped off her stool. “Let’s get some water in you.” He took her small hand in his and tightened his grip as he led her back behind the bar. Ignoring Joss and Alistair’s inquisitive looks, he guided Rain through the back hallway and into their staff break room. He pulled a bottle of water out of the fridge and then led her to the battered table and chairs in the corner.

Once he had her seated with the water, he got his sandwich out of the fridge and offered her half.

“I’m not hungry.” She waved it away, staring at him in suspicion.

“Eat,” he insisted. “It’ll soak up all those shots.”

“Four shots,” she corrected him as she took the sandwich. “You’re making it sound like I’ve had loads.”

“Four is a lot on top of wine. Especially for a lightweight.”

“I know.” She looked sad. “But I got sick of waiting.”

Aha! “Sick of waiting for what? Or who?”

Rain’s eyes searched his. “Why are you so keen to know?”

“Because I’m intrigued.”

“But why?”

He laughed. “Why is the sky fucking blue? You intrigue me and that’s all I know.”

“There is a scientific reason for the sky being blue. Something about the elastic scattering of sunlight in the atmosphere or something . . .” She shrugged.

Still amused, Craig shook his head. “If you want a scientific reason for my intrigue then let’s call it chemistry. We have it, whether you want to admit to it or not.”

She seemed to consider this. “Just because we have chemistry doesn’t mean we have to have sex. Best friends have chemistry. It’s just a different kind.”

“Then we’ll pretend we’ve got that kind if it makes you more comfortable.” He winked cheekily at her.

Rain rolled her eyes but she couldn’t hide the smile quirking up the corners of her lips.

Needing to touch her, Craig reached across the table and took her hand in his. “Tell me what’s going on. Why Club 39?”

“Are bartenders like priests and doctors? We can tell you anything without fear of reprisal because of the confidentiality thing?”

Chuckling, he nodded. “We’ll go with doctor since I’ve played ‘doctor’ before but never ‘priest.’ Never met anyone kinky enough yet.” He waggled his eyebrows suggestively, making her laugh.

She had a throaty laugh and it made his cock twitch. It also, however, caused a pang in his chest area. He felt triumphant whenever he made her smile or laugh.

Fuck, he murmured inwardly at the revelation.

“Fine.” The laughter in her eyes dimmed. “I’ll tell you why I’m here. I’m here to get revenge for my sister.”

For a moment Craig had a sudden fear her sister was someone he’d slept with and then never called again. Had he dated a Darcy? He couldn’t think. Shit. “Your sister?”

“Darcy. Let’s just say when she was younger I didn’t protect her from a situation that I should have. It took her a long time to forgive me and for us to rebuild our relationship.”

Craig squeezed her hand, unhappy with the guilt he saw in her eyes.

“Nine months ago Darcy started dating this postgrad student. Angus York. I disliked him from the moment I met him, especially when he made it clear that he was attracted to me. But Darcy was in love so I buried my head in the sand. And once again I let her get hurt. I didn’t protect her.”

Uneasiness swept over Craig. “What did he do?”

Pure, undiluted anger blazed out of her dark eyes. “He convinced her to make a sex tape and then he showed it to his friends at a party.”

“Son of a bitch,” he hissed, thinking about his own sisters and how he’d murder any man who humiliated them like that.

“Darcy . . . she couldn’t handle it. She was betrayed and heartbroken. She broke up with him and fled to Australia. She’s out there just now, staying with a friend, trying to get over it so she can come back home.”

“That’s awful,” he murmured, taking her hand in both of his now. “I’m sorry that happened to her.”

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